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Implementing the Paris Climate Agreement: An Action Framework

Lead Authors: Peter Sweatman and Tatiana Bostels

On December 2015 at the Paris COP, 195 countries agreed to join forces to drastically curb global warming. Buildings consume around 40% of the world’s energy and are responsible for up to 30% of its annual GHG emissions. Clearly, real estate asset managers around the world stand as important decision makers, capable of making a significant difference by implementing energy efficiency measures.

Through engagement with the ESG and Climate agendas, this framework sets out specific measures to improve returns as well as to safeguard the future value of real estate investments:

  • Explains how informed and active asset management around these issues represents a clear business opportunity.

  • Offers a Framework for all enabling alignment and interaction along often complex supply chains as there is no size barrier for organisations to addressing ESG and climate risk.

  • Distils material from many sources into one guide that is easy to use and helps every type of real estate investor make sense of available resources.

  • Emphasises the physical impacts of climate change and highlights the potential socio-economic benefits of integrating climate and ESG.

  • Provides investors and their advisors/ consultants with guidance on how to move from inquiry and requests for disclosure, to prescriptive requests focused on results.

This investor framework addresses three particular investor audiences within the real estate investment spectrum:

  • Asset Owners and Trustees and their Investment Advisors

  • Direct Real Estate Investment Managers and Property Companies and their Real Estate Consultants

  • Equities, Bonds and Debt investors and their Financial Advisors

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